Facilities & Production

Indián Rizs Ltd. operates a state of the art wild rice mill in Kisujszállás, in the center of the rice agricultural region of the Danubian Plain.

Built in 1992, the mill has been expanded and upgraded over the past 30 years and is a respected supplier to some of Europe’s largest rice and food companies. Today the facility can process 600 mt of wild rice annually. Situated on 1.5 hectares near main highway and train access, the mill has facilities for seed storage and propagation, green rice curing, roasting, mill, cleaning, separating and blending.

While sharing some practices with white rice, wild rice milling requires great experience and technical know-how. Proper curing and roasting are critical to develop the enticing nutty aroma and slightly roasted taste of top quality wild rice. Poor handling will result in swampy or burnt tasting rice.

For a detailed overview of wild rice production as well as Indián Rizs' food safety protocols please download the following file: