About Us

"My vision, spurred by the democratic changes in 1988, of establishing wild rice production in Hungary, a new crop to the country and Europe, and building a viable enterprise and industry has succeeded."  Miklós Molnár

In 1988, Miklós Molnár, a USA-based businessman of Hungarian origin had the interesting idea of growing wild rice in Europe. He collaborated with rice experts to conduct weather, soil and economic studies, all of which confirmed that Hungary would be an ideal place to grow wild rice as it lies on the same latitude as the state of Minnesota, the center of the commercial production of wild rice, and already had some 20,000 hecatares of established rice fields

Together, they decided to make this daring idea a reality. In 1989, Ferenc Kertész a leading rice agronomist and eventually the first General Manager of the company, cultivated the first test plots of wild rice in Europe with the help of experts from the USA. Following the success of the first field trials, CaliFrance Corporation, KITE Rt. and Intercooperation Rt. established Indián Rizs Kft., and broke ground on a new facility in Kisújszállás.

Over the years the company has established partnerships with an increasing number of local white rice farmers, consistently growing the acreage dedicated to wild rice. In recent years Indian Rizs and partner farmers and have conducted extensive experiments and developed new processing methods to ensure the long term quality and quantity of this valuable crop.

For a detailed overview of wild rice production as well as Indián Rizs' food safety protocols please download the following file: